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Warn System

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Warn System

RDM X1 - Warn
RDM X2 - Warn + Jail 120 Secs
RDM X3 - Warn + Jail 300 secs
RDM X4 And Beyond = MASS RDM - BAN 1 Week
RDA - Warn + Jail 120 Secs
Mass RDA X3 And Beyond - 5 day ban

LTAP/Leaving To Avoid Punishmnet - 3 Day Ban
FailRP - Warn
NLR/New Life Rule - Warn And Jail 120 seconds
Hacking - PERM BAN
Hacking Threat - PERM BAN
Exploiting - PERM BAN
Harrasing Other Members- Warn
Disrespect To Staff- Warn
Inappropriate RP Name- Ask them to change their name if not kick them from the server.

Running From Sits/Avoiding Staff - Warn + Jail 300 Secs
Prop Minge/Block - Warn and Jail 120 Seconds
Prop Kill/Push - Warn and jail for 120 Seconds
Chat Spam - Mute And Warn
Mic Spam - Gag And Warn
Impersonating Staff Members - Warn And Jail 300 Secs
Advertising Other Servers - PERM BAN
Metagaming - Warn
Racism - Warn Or 2 day Ban (depending on how bad it was)

Building Rules

Raiding A Base With A Building Sign - Warn + Jail 120 Seconds
Building In Other Peoples Base (without the owners permission) - Warn
FDA/Fading Door Abuse - Warn
Printers/Drug Labs With Building Sign - Warn + Jail 120 secs
One Way Prop Shooting - Warn

Job Rules

Self Supplying - Warn
Giving People Weapons As Cop - Warn + Jail 120 Secs
Scamming - Warn And Jail 300 Seconds
Random Hits/No RP Reason - Warn
Playing Pornography In The Cinema - 1 Week Ban
Kiling People/Having a weapon as Civ and Hobo - Warn
Not Following 5 Min Raid Cool Down - Warn + Jail 120 Secs
Not Following Terror/PD Raid Cool Down - Warn + jail 120 Secs
Random Weapon Checking - Warn

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